Plants are shaped by cultivation and men by education. .. We are born weak, we need strength; we are born totally unprovided, we need aid; we are born stupid, we need judgment. Everything we do not have at our birth and which we need when we are grown is given us by education.
                                                                                                                                                          (Jean Jacques Rousseau)

In this era of globalization, both formal and informal education play an increasingly vital role in promoting economic solidarity, social cohesion and individual growth, leading to a congenial and healthy environment. Even after six decades since independence, education is acknowledged as the main thrust area. Dr. M. Ali and Dr (Mrs.).Ayisha Ali- Philanthropists, Social Workers and Educationists decided to address this cause. They had the vision to establish educational institutions which will disperse the seeds of knowledge and build a more intelligent society.

Mother college of nursing established in the year 2003, is a dynamic center for nursing education. It aims in preparing competent nurses to accept the role as a care provider, educator researcher, administrator and as a patient’s advocate. All the programs offered in the college emphasize development of clinical expertise, teaching skills, administrative capacity and research mind in students.

This degree level studies in nursing has been planned and organized with the approval of the government of Kerala; the College is affiliated to the Kerala University of Health and Allied Sciences (KUHS) andUniversity of Calicut. The admission to the college and the procedure for the completion of the course are all in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Indian Nursing Council.